How To Choose Your New Hair Scissors | Black Scissors Guide

There are many kinds and brands of hair scissors available on the market today.

A lot of people would pick a brand they know and are comfortable with and continue to use it. However, if like to know more on what to look for in a scissors, you are at the right place.

Whatever kinds of brands or hair scissors you can find the most important thing to find the best pair is knowing the most appropriate one for you.

This article provides all details and explanations concerning the choice of hair scissors, including the size, the style/handle, the materials and scissor blade. **

## Which Hair Scissor Do you need to purchase?

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The following steps are to follow to get the right measurement of your hair scissor size before going online to buy an updated pair of hairdressing scissors:

- Buy an old pair of hairdressing scissors or a ruler could suffice.

Place it on your left hand.

Measure the length of the hair scissors or ruler with your palm.

- The rule or the blade's tip should be placed on the tip of your middle fingers.

The blade of the ruler against your middle finger.

This should provide you with an idea of the ideal size for your needs.

If the middle finger of your hand is covered completely by the ruler and the result is say, 2 inches, the best scissor to use is a 5 inch scissor.

With 5" scissors the blade can be anywhere from 2 to 3 inches long and the length of the whole scissors including the handle would be 5 inches.

You can nevertheless use a bigger pair of scissors for hairdressing effortlessly.

For ladies who have smaller hands, 5" to 5.5" will suffice.

For those who have larger hands, such as the men, a hand that is 6 to 6.5 inch should suffice.

The Different Kinds of Scissor Handles That You Can Choose From

*Classic Handle** - This handle comes with an elongated level (the upper blades and the lower one align), the rings align and the ergonomics are minimal. This is the oldest and most common type of scissors.

*Offset Handle** This handle has a slight offset, and has shorter shanks for the handle that connects to the thumb rings. It lets you cut with ease and in a comfortable place. The top and bottom rings aren't aligned they offer great ergonomics.

*Crane Handle** is a straight handle with the bottom ring of the handle shank and the lower rings are bent downwards. With the most ergonomic of the other models, it provides the most comfort while cutting and is the best option for the Australian and New Zealand hair industry presently.

The hairdresser's scissors can help you understand the manner in which you cut your hair and what type of cut you'd like to use in the salon. It's important to find the correct pair of scissors before investing in them. It is crucial to know the details of the shear as well as the table, since different scissors will give you different cuts.

Hair Scissor Blades

If what you want is scissors for beginners so you can practice with them on mannequins, or for students and apprentice hairdressers/barbers, then go for the serrated scissors (micro serrated scissors), because they have a better grip on the hair and create an easy straight haircut.

But if you want a razor for professional hairdressing or a barber or hair cutting tools with a convex edge, then the convex edge blade are the best choice for you. The edges are perfectly formed that produce the smoothest and sharpest cuts, and make them suitable for slice cutting and chopping.

The way you position your scissors affects the quality of your cuts. Understanding how to mix your cutting technique with the way you hold the hairdressing scissors is important. The ability to know the kind of scissors you need that best suits your cutting style and methods is what distinguishes you from other hairdressers in the barbershop or salon.

## How to Hold a Hairdressing Scissors

For cutting straight lines, it is necessary to hold the scissors vertically. Because of their angle, Offset Scissors can be recommended for this type of position. They will keep your hand in a comfortable and natural position while cutting.

For a blunt cut (that is bobs and one length), your hairdressing scissors will need to be placed flatly on the neck of your client. For this to be accomplished your hands and fingers are to be placed in the way that your fingers do not get in the way of your cutting. The most ideal scissor for these type of cutting styles is the hairdressing crane scissors.

To create a deep point cutting style, you'll need to keep your elbow in a high position so that your scissors are straight.

The best hairdressing tool for this particular style is the traditional straight hairdressing scissors.

For intricate precision work with an elegant line along the edges of your client's hairlines, then a sharp or narrow scissors with perfect edges is what you need.

## What is the best time to sharpen hair Scissors?

If you ensure that your scissors are maintained regularly and in perfect working conditions, the efficiency of your cutting services and cuts will be guaranteed. Your customers will appreciate the neat cuts made by sharp scissors.

Fact is when asked "when is the best time to sharpen your hairdressing scissors is?" The answer isn't definite. becomes it depends on the frequency that professionals use the scissors and blade type (either convex or bevel edge scissors).

To keep your scissors for hairdressing in tip top shape Sharpen them at least every year. But, ensure that you bring your scissors to a salon where they have experience in sharpening hairdressing scissors so you don't cause damage to your tools.

The barber and hairdresser are responsible for maintaining the scissors with oil and a clean cloth in order to ensure their longevity.

So, What Do I need to buy in terms of hairdressing scissors?

Our top recommendation for professional scissors for hairdressing:*

Juntetsu Offset hair cutting and thinning set using Japanese steel

Ichiro Offset Hairdressing Cutting Thinning Scissors 6 Inches

- Yasaka Offset Hairdressing Shears (5.5 inches and 6 inches).

If you are looking for barber's scissors , you can check the following:

- Mina Sakura 7 inches barber scissors

- Yasaka 7 inches barber scissors, Japan

-- Ichiro K10 7" hair cutting , and barber scissors.

## Conclusion

Every professional barber or hairdresser will have a different view on the best hair cutting tools for Canada. You must choose the appropriate size for your hands and cut fashion when picking hairdressing tools.

To cut hair with over combs it is better to select a larger barber scissor with a length of 7" inches. For point haircutting techniques You will require an a shorter blade of 5.5" or 6" inches in size.

Offset ergonomic handles help alleviate any strain while hairdressing or barbering due to its more natural fit to your palm.

Let us know your thoughts on how to choose the best hair scissors in Canada!